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Mystery Magicians

Mystery Magicians is determined to create innovative classic-style recording equipment. We design modern vintage-style equipment, with inspiration from simplistic recording techniques and high-end analog equipment of the past. Their goal as engineers and manufacturers is to produce the highest standard of perfection of the equipment’s sound quality, longevity, and aesthetic. They spend an extensive amount of time prototyping, testing, and refining designs before any product is released to the public.



Valve  Preamplifier

Mystery Magicians M808A

The M808A is a sophisticated dual channel strip tube microphone/instrument/line level preamplifier designed to faithfully amplify and reproduce your microphone and Instrument’s signal, with rich and clean sonic output for professional recording systems. When pushed to its limits M808A produces excellent harmonic characteristics with rich overtones that resemble a warm and familiar vintage sound.

With switchable Pentode/Triode mode operation, a variety of gain and unique harmonic colorations can be obtained. The state-of-the-art Saturation (THD) detecting circuit built in the M808A probes the total harmonic distortion of the mic input tube and allows the engineer to quickly verify on the fly the clean headroom before tube saturation occurs with a pilot light on the front panel. 

Although M808A has been designed from the ground up and has not been based on any traditional designs, the sonic characteristics of the preamp have been compared to tube British consoles of the 1960s. Part of the secret behind the big sound of the M808A is the Class A single-ended operation and its hand-wound audio transformers. 

Further sonic possibilities are available through the lossless active tube filters that consist of 4 useful HPF & LPF Frequencies, making quick-cut decisions on program material a breeze.

Any high-quality condenser, dynamic, or ribbon microphones with output impedances ranging from 33Ω to 600Ω can be utilized successfully with excellent results. Numerous devices, including microphones, bass and electric guitars, instrument pickups, keyboards, organs, drum machines, line-level mixes, and much more can be routed to the M808A.

With the DIRECT/INSTRUMENT IN (DI) inputs, such instruments can be "directly" injected into the preamp, and a transformer-balanced signal will derive on the LINE OUT. Since the M808A is fully transformer-balanced from input to output, many balanced and unbalanced effect units can also be used through the insert points. Devices such as vintage tape echoes, reverbs, equalizers, compressors, and even effect pedals can be used with excellent results. Whether the device connected to the INSERTS is balanced or unbalanced, these signals will be transformer balanced at the LINE OUT jacks. The Line-in feature of the M808A is ideal for mix bus insertion to add sonic coloration to stereo mixes and make-up gain but can also be used as a clean gain stage anywhere makeup gain is needed.

From the drawing board, the M808A has been designed with innovative features to produce the best sound quality and reliability possible. With switchable line voltages from 120VAC to 230VAC, it will operate in many countries around the world. The M808A features a fully regulated power supply for all its internal voltage nodes, contributing to extreme reliability, high power supply ripple rejection, low noise floor, and short circuit protection. Our factory takes pride in producing high-quality audio transformers with low leakage inductance. Every microphone and output transformer in the M808A is designed and finished in-house, with each one individually wound, tested, and potted. All four audio transformers in the M808A have been potted in MuMetal shielding for the quietest operation..


  • Custom Designed and Manufactured Bakelite VU Meters With Traditional Ballistics
  • Custom Designed Hand Wound Input and Output Transformers Hermetically Potted in Mu-Metal Casing
  • Class A Operation Throughout The Signal Chain
  • Up to 80dB Of Gain
  • Channel Strip Design with MIC IN, LINE IN/OUT, DI, And Effect Inserts
  • Low Noise Design Topology
  • Custom Manufactured GR Style Bakelite Knobs from Original Moulds
  • New Old Stock Matched Valves For Each Unit Manufactured
  • Switchcraft® and Neutrik® Audio Connector
  • Active True Bypass-able FILTER Section Featuring 4 Useful HPF and LPF Filter Frequencies of 50Hz, 150Hz, 5kHz, 2kHz
  • Metal Film Resistors, Foil and Film Capacitors, Rubycon® and NIPPON Chemi-Con® Elcos Throughout The Uni
  • All Through-hole Components And No SMDsy